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Our Services - 我们的服务

We offer the following professional nursing services at Turf View Residence.


  • 24hr nursing care 24小时护理服务

  • Hospital bed with safety side rails 安全护栏病床

  • Coma/bed ridden/paralyzed patients 昏迷/卧床/瘫痪病患者 /

  • Palliative care 善终安养服务

  • Terminal ill care 严重疾病舒缓治疗

  • Diabetic wound care糖尿病伤口护理

  • Oral suction services 口腔吸力服务

  • Post-joint replacement care (hip/knee) 关节置换后的护理(髋/膝)

  • Post-stroke nursing care 中风后的护理

  • Post-surgery nursing care 手术后的护理

  • Ryles tube feeding 导管喂食

  • Stoma care - colostomy & ileostomy 造口护理 - 结肠造口和回肠造口

  • Urinary catheter management (male & female) 导尿管管理(男性与女性)

  • Wound care management (surgical/pressure ulcers or bedsores) 伤口护理及管理(手术/压力性溃疡或褥疮)

Turf View Residence is working in partnership with WELL Rehabilitation Group to provide professional physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services to the adults and elderly. Our rehab unit is not only for our in-house residents, but also caters to the public. The nearby community has benefitted from our services that is a stone’s throw from their homes.

Turf View Residence与WELL康复组合作,为成人和老年人提供专业理疗、职业治疗和语言 治疗服务。我们的康复中心不仅为我们的内部住客服务,而且对公众开放 所以附近的社 区也能受益于我们的服务。

Turf View Residence in partnership with WELL Rehabilitation Group for the following services:

Turf View Residence与WELL康复组合作提供的以下服务:

  • Stroke Rehabilitation 中风后治疗

  • Spinal Cord Injuries 脊椎创伤

  • Total Knee/Hip Replacement Rehab 膝盖/股关节置换后复健

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation 手术后复健

  • Arthritis 关节炎

  • Parkinson's Disease 帕金森症

  • Sports Injuries 运动创伤

  • Shoulder, Neck, Back Pain 肩颈背部疼痛

  • Bell's Palsy 脸部麻痹

  • Torticollis 婴儿斜颈

  • Scoliosis 脊椎侧弯

  • Speech-language difficulties 言语障碍治疗

  • Swallowing training 吞咽治疗

For more information about our partner, please visit their website


We are able to assist in arranging for acupuncture and Chinese pressure point reflexology for our residents upon special request. Please discuss this with our Staff Nurses or Centre Manager.


Type of Rooms - 房间类型

At Turf View Residence, residents have a choice of...

在Turf View Residence,住客可以选择...

  • premium single bedded room

  • comfortable double bedded room

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