Welcome to Kee Ann Care Centre, Melaka

Our Services - 我们的服务

We offer the following professional nursing services at Kee Ann Care Centre.


  • 24hr nursing care 24小时护理服务

  • Hospital bed with safety side rails 安全护栏病床

  • Bed ridden persons 昏迷/卧床/瘫痪病患者

  • Palliative care 善终安养服务

  • Terminal ill care 严重疾病舒缓治疗

  • Diabetic wound care糖尿病伤口护理

  • Oral suction services 口腔吸力服务

  • Post-joint replacement care (hip/knee) 关节置换后的护理(髋/膝)

  • Post-stroke nursing care 中风后的护理

  • Post-surgery nursing care 手术后的护理

  • Ryles tube feeding 导管喂食

  • Stoma care - colostomy & ileostomy 造口护理 - 结肠造口和回肠造口

  • Urinary catheter management (male & female) 导尿管管理(男性与女性)

  • Wound care management (surgical/pressure ulcers or bedsores) 伤口护理及管理(手术/压力性溃疡或褥疮)

We are able to assist in arranging for physiotherapy, speech therapy, acupuncture and Chinesepressure point reflexology for our residents upon special request.


Type of Rooms - 房间类型

At Kee Ann Care Centre, residents have a choice of...

在Kee Ann Care Centre,住客可以选择...

  • single rooms

  • double bedded rooms

  • open ward

Contact Us - 请联系我们

Kee Ann Care Centre

  • No.31, Jalan Kee Ann
    75100 Melaka, Malaysia