These driving principles shape the backbone for Johnson Residence Group of Residential Eldercare Centres and Nursing Homes in Malaysia. The realization of the desire to provide comfortable and safe living in the twilight years of the elderly and infirmed in need of quality and dignified care.

秉持着以上理念, 我们设立了宜家 (Johnson Residence 老年护理中心和疗老院)。我们笃信在老人的晚年能提供他们舒适、安全,与得到优质的医疗保健/护理需求。

Drawing on 30 years of experience in healthcare industry and the management of private medical centres, Johnson Residence Group of Residential Eldercare Centres and Nursing Homes clearly understands the needs of residents regardless if they are staying for the long-term and for short-term rehabilitation.


Our residents are always at the forefront of everything we do and we firmly believe that it is the little details that ensure their time with us are filled with care and attention. On top of day-to-day care which emphasizes on creating a comfortable environment, healthy meals, in-house professional nursing and leisure activities; our Residential Eldercare Centres and Nursing Homes looks into the management of a range of medical services often overlooked by traditional homes for the aged.


We work in close partnership with local geriatric healthcare professionals and medical experts to manage complex conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Cardiac Disease, Spinal Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Terminal Illnesses.


With their support and assistance we continue to improve and expand the range of services we can offer to our residents at our nursing homes.



We are looking for these positions:
  • Staff Nurse

  • General Worker

  • Accounts & Admin Clerk