Our Services

All of Johnson Residence Residential Care Centres accommodates five types of residents' needs:


Daycare - 成年人照料中心

Our daycare service provide care and companionship for older adults who need assistance or supervision during the day while their caregivers/family members need to go to work or attend to personal errands. Families can drop off the daycare resident before going to work and pickup after office. We are able to provide breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for the resident. Additional services such as bathing, pampers change, urine catheter change, wound dressing are also available.


Rehabilitative Care - 康复护理

This type of residents are normally post-surgery or during an-illness/injury admissions who require step-down care after discharge from the hospital until they stabilize enough to go home. You may think of this as ‘transitional care’ or like a rehabilitation centre too. Our Staff Nurse is able to monitor the recovery progress of the resident and help them to regain back their health quickly so that their families can bring them back home again.


We believe in a holistic approach to manage our residents and work hand-in-hand with physiotherapists and doctors to provide care that aims to give independence back to the residents.

我们坚信整体性管理, 并且与物理治疗师和医生携手合作提供更完善与专业的服务,目的是住客能重获独立性。

Types of residents who may benefit from rehabilitative care includes those who:

  • have undergone:
    • Joint replacements surgery (hip or knee)
    • Rehab for lumbar compression injury
    • Rehab for sports injury
    • Major surgery such as heart surgery or neurosurgery
  • are recovering from a stroke
  • require wound dressing, either post-surgery or due to diabetic wounds
  • are recovering from an illness and require nursing attention


  • 经历了:
    • 关节置换手术(髋关节或膝关节)
    • 腰椎压缩性损伤的康复治疗
    • 运动损伤康复治疗
    • 大手术,如心脏外科或神经外科
  • 中风痊愈中
  • 需要伤口敷料,无论是手术后还是由始于糖尿病导致的伤口
  • 正在从疾病中恢复并需要护理的

Respite care or short term care - 短期护理

This type of short term care provides relief for the main caregivers or family members. It gives the main caregivers temporary relief from the burden and stress that they have to shoulder while taking care of a dependent person, while the person continues to receive care in a safe environment. Respite care is beneficial for the main caregiver in terms of providing the caregiver a chance to take a break or go for a holiday and recharge their mental, emotional and physical health. This exercise can increase family stability and support, and avoid the risk of abuse or neglect of the dependent person.


Long term care - 长期护理

Long term care at a residential eldercare centre or nursing home is suitable for residents who require help in their daily lives over a long period of time. These could be residents who are mobility impaired, bedridden or suffering from Dementia. We help these residents perform basic personal tasks of everyday life from bathing, dressing and personal hygiene, to toilet assistance, to feeding, to grooming, monitoring of chronic illness, providing physical therapy and giving medication on time.